Specialty Manufacturing

TESTIMONIAL  – ‘”I have contracted Matrex to build  prototype tools in 3-4 weeks, production tooling in 6-8 weeks and have never missed my customer’s expectations or deadlines. From CNC to plastics, assemblies and castings it’s done right the first time all the time”

David Collier of KLD Energy in Austin Texas 


Matrex works with many companies on new product development. We produce precision parts and assemblies, prototype and production molds. We will also subcontract and machine castings and extrusions. We work with Universities and private companies on research and development projects.


The following are some specialty projects we have worked on.


#1 Deep Ice core drilling components and assemblies.

#2 Electric motor assemblies.

#3 Produced a large number of components for a spectrograph.

#4 Designed and produced leak testing stations.

#5 Designed and produced heat staking tooling. 

#6 Produce spinnerets for the production of nano fibers.








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